The Root is "Jesus", the Rhythm is "Disciple Making" and the Result is "God's Church"! Come, BUILD with DMI!

Sermon: “God wants more”

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If you are new to our community, looking for a place to fellowship or simply seeking change; we extend our warmest invite and would be so honored to Worship with you at Discipling Ministries. We know that there are numerous services offered in this area and it’s our sincerest desire that you would find a Church home that’s concerned about the TOTAL wellbeing of you and your household.

Our Ministry is a family oriented, COMPLETE Bible teaching assembly with the love of GOD as our cornerstone. We are not bound by the handcuffs of a denominational affiliation or divided by man’s doctrine; we simply believe the Bible. We are not concerned about your shortcomings, hick-ups, hang-ups, tattoos, piercings, or attire, only that you desire more of God and we will challenge and assist you to do just that. As a NEW and growing ministry, we understand the difficulty as well as uncertainties with change and therefore “BY FAITH” and God’s grace we’re more determined to see the captives set free and situations aligned with the word of God. Our prayer is He continues to show mercy on you and yours as you keep a Pit-Bulls grip on His grace. Know that He loves you and so do we for we are “Not concerned about a building, but THE BUILDING OF A PEOPLE”!


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